Sharing a weblink for the questionnaire

I would like to share the questionnaire I have created on designer with my supervisor such that he can have a look at it on the windows system. How do I go about it?

Your supervisor needs to make a Designer account first before the questionnaire can be shared. You can then share the questionnaire by following these steps:

Your supervisor will then get an email at the email address that is on their Designer account with a link to the questionnaire. They will also see it under the Questionnaires Shared With Me tab whenever they log into Designer.

Thanks Lena.

Is there a way for me to show my supervisor the questionnaire in interviewer mode without an Android device? On a windows system?

You can use the online Tester that you can access through Designer:

Hello Lena.
Am imaging if all members om my team have accounts they can access the questionnaire i create and start collecting data on it?
How can i also access all this data from all the accounts of my team so as to analyse it altogether?

Thank you

Perhaps the following video will answer your questions about setting up a survey:

The data export is always consolidated of all the interviews, not by interviewer separately.

Best, Sergiy

Hello Sergiy.
Thank you for your response and the video will help me set up my survey too, much appreciated.
But can you please tell me more about the questionnaire variable as you create a new questionnaire. What does it mean and do?

You can read about questionnaire variable on support portal

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