Sharing a questionnaire to be used by other users in other countries

we have created a questionnaire and by requesting a WB server we have implemented our survey in the field.
We now need other instituions in other countries to use our questionnaire to implemente the same survey.

  1. Is our understanding that the person who wants to use our questionnaire has to create as account in survey solutions designer
  2. we have shared our questionnaire with that user, however if that new user makes changes the changes are reflected in our original questionnaire.
  3. Does that new user need to create a copy of the questionnaire we have shared with him so he can modify the questionnaire without problems?
  4. or do we need to create a copy of our questionnaire and share that copy?
  5. Once we share our questionnaire with either option 3 or 4 above this user can now request his own server and import the questionnaire with no major problems?

Thank you


  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. You can also create a copy and share it with him
  5. Yes