Shar Web Application

hello dear experts, I would just like to share the web application with the donors and not the architecture of the collection application and the codes. How should I do this ???

Could you say more about what you would like to share? In particular, what do you mean by “web application” here?

I want to send the web link application such as Enketo with ODK collect.

Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Enketo on ODK. Could you please elaborate or provide an example?

If you’re looking to share the questionnaire so that stakeholders see it solely as an interviewer would, consider making a web interview assignment. That way, stakeholders can interact with the interview as an interviewer would, and could do so form their browser without needing to install anything.

Please visit the link below @arthurshaw2002 . I would like to do the same to send just a link of my application to my respondents.

@Papalioune , I think that the closest thing in Survey Solutions would be:

  1. Send a web interview assignment. See more here
  2. Share Designer questionnaire and explain to shareholders how to see questionnaire in Web Tester (i.e., press the TEST button)

Based on my understanding, option 1 seems closest to what you want.