Shapefiles with multiple layers

In our project we are using shapefiles that contain important information for the interviewers like : enumeration area boundaries, buildings, streets names, building entrance, type of buildings…

At this moment is only possible to show one shapefile at a time . Is this behavior related with SuSo or this is something related with the way the shapefile was created (using tools like ArcGIS, QGIS and others…)

If this is related with the GIS tools, can yo provide any information about how to create a multilayer shapefile ?

Thank you

@samwenda you can refer to this link Preparation of offline maps guide,
you will have a PDF guide in QGIS for shapefile

The shapefile specification does not define any layers.
A shapefile is simply a collection of shapes.

There is nothing in the shapefile specification that requires the shapes to be non-overlapping, so in principle, you could define a collection of plot boundaries and building footprints (on those plots), in which case they will be overlapping. I am not sure if there is any practical use to it though, since all shapes will be drawn with the same color.

Where can I read more about the intended use of all these elements? If you are using Open Street Map as a back layer, it certainly does contain the street names, for example, as we can see from the image you’ve posted.