Shapefiles with bondaries and labels

We are preparing shapefiles of the country’s provinces. The shapefile we have built in QGIS contains the boundaries of the provinces as well as labels showing the province name, district, neighborhood, etc…

Next, we see the result of loading the shapefile of a province in Survey Solutions, but the names of the places are not displayed. What should we do to display both the boundaries and the names?


Dear @aguinada ,
I have verified Interviewer application and labels show up in my shape file on the map. Could you please make sure that the column for labels has name LABEL in *.dbf file?

Dear @vfedoseev , we appreciate you for your help.

We rename the field as “LABEL” as you indicate and now the shapefile shows the region name:


The previously displayed shapefile is being activated when responding to a point-type geography question. We are using this to locate the interviewee’s agricultural plot on the map. The plot may be located far from where the interview is conducted (in some cases, hundreds of kilometers away). Is it possible to activate a search functionality on the map so that a text can be entered, and it searches for its match in the group of labels within the shapefile?

Currently, searching on the map can be very slow and challenging without having a search function to speed up the process.


You can prepare a number of shapefiles separately by some major area (e.g. for the USA it can be by state) that can be selected first, and then point the specific location within the bounds displayed. For example, if you are conducting an interview in Oklahoma and the respondent has a plot in Arizona, you pull the shapefile for Arizona, (perhaps with labels of the counties), and then get the guidance from the respondent on a particular county. Then you do the selection of the plot’s boundary with the respondent. (and Arizona looks very Survey Solutions friendly for mapping the boundaries of plots :slight_smile: ).

In effect the choice of a map is the first level of cascading selection, and selection among the labels of the selected map is the second level.

Thank you, Sergiy, for your response.

Indeed, we have created 32 shapefiles with information for each province of the country. Within these 32 shapefiles, the boundaries of over 12,000 counties have been drawn. The issue we are experiencing is that it takes a long time to locate the respondent’s plots on the map (sometimes taking hours when the respondent has numerous plots distributed throughout the country).

One alternative we have explored is using QFIELD app since it allows searching by the labels of the county polygons (something that is not possible in the ESRI component that Interviewer app use on tablets). However, it is not an optimal solution either because alphanumeric information of the respondent and geographic information of the plots are recorded in two systems without the possibility of any validation, which will lead to many inconsistencies.

Any ideas on how to better tackle this challenge?