Shapefile Overlay


I am working on a geographical sampling project and it would be great to make use of the Shape file Overlay ( However I ran into couple of problems:

  1. On the tablet, the path: TheWorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache/ does not exist. I had to create it. All the component files (.shp, .shx, .prj, .dbf, etc…) were added there.

  2. Could anyone provide any clarification on how to load the shapefile onto a map in Interviewer mode on the tablet? I have a geographical question, however when I tap to edit area, I get an error that my version of the application does not support this functionality. I have Version: 18.12.3 (build 23489).

I would be very appreciative if anyone can help with this.



Make sure that when you download the Interviewer App ESRI Map support is not excluded:

Excluding ESRI map support (default) makes the download smaller, but at a cost of limiting the functionality.

Hope this helps.