Setup saver with Microsoft Saver 2012 R2

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I have done to setup local saver so far with Microsoft Saver 2012 R2. It given me the result as shown in picture photo_2020-12-05_22-27-04|281x500. I have tried to type http://localhost in synchronization endpoint box but it doesn’t work. Please help me to solve in this problem.

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localhost (or ip address are special addresses that only work locally (as name suggests), when accessing a web address from the same machine where the application is running.

In order to access the site from another computer or a tablet you have to use the external ip address (you can find it by typing ipconfig command in the terminal, or search ‘what is my ip’ in the browser). Yousjould also read the installation documentation section about changing the default 9700 port.

localhost is described here:

and in simple terms is synonymous to saying “this computer”. Since your tablets are supposed to send data to the remote server, specifying localhost as a data synchronization point is always nonsense (since it would imply sending data from the tablet to itself).

If you are having a server name and an SSL certificate, please specify the https:// url of your server, otherwise specify the (public, static) IP address of your server.

Hi @sergiy

I already created IP address in my laptop it work very well. I try to type in synchronization endpoint doesn’t work in my tablet. Please help me to solve this problem.

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This IP address belongs to your private network and is not accessible from the internet.

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I followed the instruction to setup SoSo in widow saver (I installed in VMWare). It work well in WMWare and my laptop with IP address (I have commend from cmd ipconfig /all). I try to apply this IP to other laptop it not working and also enter this IP into endpoint of Interviewer it not working too. could you please give me the solutions?

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Moeung Marady

The IP address shown is a class C private IP address. You need to use your public static IP address to reach your server from other devices.

This is the same problem as @abilash89 is describing here:

I have already linked the Wikipedia article on this topic above. For an alternative explanation, see also here:

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