Server work load

The team conducting the Agricultural Census in Angola has just encountered a degraded server performance.

Upon investigation it appears that the number of concurrent interview sessions is much more than the number of supervisors+HQ users accounts created in the system. This can happen if a supervisor/HQ opens several interviews at once (such as on several devices, in different browsers, in different tabs of the same browser, etc).

Each of such open interviews creates additional work load on the server, including consuming scarce connections, memory, traffic and CPU load.

  1. The supervisors/HQ users are advised to work with one case at a time, and promptly close any unnecessary tabs, and log out of any sessions, before starting a new session elsewhere.

  2. The work of the staff working online with the server should be arranged spacing the work smoothly across the hours (day and night). Taking this case as an example, the peak number of sessions was close to 500, while the evening load is less than 10.

The server administration diagnostics added in a recent release is useful in detecting these load fluctuations.

Best, Sergiy