Server speed is low

The connection speed with our Survey Solutions server is very slow. Downloading and updating apps take almost 15-20 mins. The download speed is only 50-70 kbps. Is there any way to speed it up?


The server speed has nothing to do with it.
The full download takes about 30-45 seconds when I just tried it (for the APK with maps).

The download speed will not be higher thank the slowest leg of the connection, which is in most cases the last segment to the end user.

Switch to a faster network.

I have tried multiple networks (Institute’s WiFi, cellular network) but the speed remains slow on both. Our field staff also face the same problem using their cellular connections. Everything else is fast. My usual download speeds are more than 10 Mbps.

From the Survey Solutions server

From Google Drive (Took 2-3 seconds)

The server is giving away the data reasonably quickly.
How it reaches the end user is beyond our control.

I think you should switch to a stronger network to get it.