Server migration

Hello everyone! I am administrator of a survey solution server. My question is: is it possible to transfer all data (user, supervisor, observer, questionnaire, assignment etc.) from one server (survey solution) to another new server (survey solution), since the old server will be deactivated in a short time!
Thanks in advance for any reply

Dear @andrianaivo,
All data (user, supervisor, observer, questionnaire, assignment etc.) is stored in the data base and not in the Survey Solutions. So I believe the best way for you would be next:

  1. Backup the data base on the current server.
  2. Install PostgreSQL on the new server.
  3. Restore the data base on the new server from the backup.
  4. Install Survey Solutions on the new sever.
  5. Connect the Survey Solutions to the data base on the new server.
  6. Verify that the all users, questionnaire, assignments, etc. have been delivered to the new server successfully.
  7. Deactivate the current server.

To the extent that I understand the above-described migration sequence, this will leave out the binary resources stored in the file system, rather than in the database, as a result exporting binary data from the new server will not succeed.

Whether this particular server was engaged in data collection for any particular survey collecting binary data (pictures, audio recordings,…) you have to verify with the corresponding survey administrators.

Also check the maps are migrated if you are having any map files uploaded to the server.

In general it is easier, safer, and more recommended to setup a new server, do a fresh install and setup new tasks, etc on the new server. Less chances of forgetting something, especially if the old server is going to be disposed of.