Server is not generating complete data

Hello SS developer,

I am trying to generator data from an older version of my questionnaire (v13). However, the server is not generating full data but only a file with .6mb of size. The screenshot is below

Please have a look.


What is your server name? What is your server version? What file size do you expect to see? How do you expect us to have a look? At what?

server name is
It says 19.02.1 right at the bottom
Last complete data file had a size more than 3 mb
Please look at the file size for STATA


Were you able to figure out the issue? Please let me know. Thanks


the size that you’ve pointed to is the size of the compressed ZIP archive which varies widely with the content being compressed. Roughly, the value 8888888888888 may take less space than 1234567890123, even though both have exactly 13 digits.

Please look at the interview data (what you see in the headquarters) and compare with the exported files. If you see discrepancies, we can follow up on those specific differences.

Sincerely, Sergiy Radyakin

Hello @sergiy

Thank you for the explanation.

However, it is not only the issue of file size etc. The zip file which I download now (0.6mb) does not have all the stata files (different sections). The 0.6mb file has 4 stata files while the last complete file which I downloaded had a size 4 mb and had 12 stata files.

This is the reason I am saying that the server is not generating complete data. Please look into this.

Dear umeernaeem,

thank you for the follow up message. This is something we can investigate. The set of files produced by Survey Solutions is determined solely by the design of the questionnaire and should not vary between the different export iterations.

For the moment please use the tab-delimited data and associated do files for importing the data to Stata.

Regards, Sergiy.

Thank you @sergiy, waiting for this issue to get resolved

hello @sergiy

This issue is happening with the latest version of questionnaire too. The server failed to generate complete data sets.

Please look into this. This issue is getting out of hand.

For the moment please use the tab-delimited data and associated do files for importing the data to Stata.

Umernaeem, please check if version 19.04 of Survey Solutions is now free of the issue that you’ve mentioned and Stata files are generated fully. If you note anything strange, please let us know with details. Regards, Sergiy

Hello @sergiy
The issue persists.
It is generating following files

Total files from last complete export


@sergiy and @misha. Still no resolution to this issue

Dear Umernaeem,

following your request I have attempted to reproduce the issue. The currently installed version 19.04.3 on your server has resulted in a valid set of files in Stata format corresponding to the set that you’ve shown in an earlier post and corresponding to the tab-delimited data export.


with that I can not reproduce the issue that you’ve earlier reported, regarding incomplete set of files in the exported data.

If you are still experiencing the same issue, please provide the exact sequence of actions to reproduce the problem.

If the above problem is resolved, please confirm that it is.

If there is any other problem albeit with the same server or survey, please start a new forum thread with a comprehensive description.

If there is any confidential information about this problem that you need to communicate to the devs team in regards to this problem, you can write directly to the

Best, Sergiy