Server Installation - BaseUrl - Health status: degraded

I have successfully installed Survey Solutions in server, and it works fine. I followed the installation guide, and updated the BaseUrl parameter. However, in diagnostics, all works well expect the BaseUrl, it says the URL configured in BaseUrl differes from the one in the address bar, but it does not, it is exactly the same. As I mentioned, all works well, but this Degraded status is worrying me (please see image attached). How can I overcome this? (I removed the trailing / in the URL)

The rest

I had the same and did not experience degradation in server operation.

If it bothers you, you can change the url in
c:/Survey Solutions/Site/appsettings.production.ini
under “BaseUrl” to be the same base url you are accessing the server.

I have already done this. The URL in c:/Survey Solutions/Site/appsettings.production.ini
under “BaseUrl” is exactlly as the URL in the address bar, which is correct and works inside and outside the server. I tworks fine, but my concern is that something that I have not noticed may be wrong, and I am going ahead with field operation

You should do a pilot run to your survey before doing the actual survey.
Many problems arise from the user/administrator settings/configurations.

but my concern is that something that I have not noticed may be wrong,

You should test the effect of settings you have done.

There is not sufficient information to assist with the issue.

The program indicates that two addresses are different (A != B), but we don’t know what they are (what is A? what is B?) and whether they are same? or equivalent? or different.

As per Server Installation article:

Without the correct specification of the BaseURL the server will not be able to generate correct links for:

  • downloading interviewer and supervisor apps (in qrcode);
  • sending invitations to web surveys.

These would be the first things I’d check for whether they are working fine (if relevant for your operation, @tercioshq ).

Dear @sergiy. I can assure you that the URL in BaseUrl setting is exactly the same as the url used to acces the server. I can download the interviewer and supervisor app and works very well, synchronization works well, I can scan QR codes from HQ to Supervisor ad Interviewer app, and I could export data (only two interviews synced tested). But the diagnostic shows this degraded state.

Perhaps. But the computer says “NO”.

The code responsible for this check is here:

and as far as I see it boils down to:
if (requestUrl.StartsWith(baseUrl)) ...

Thus, perhaps, check basic things, like capitalization, blank trailing spaces, etc.

Additionally, if you are using a load balancer, it may do all sort of funny things with rewriting the request URLs, which is only bound by imagination…

Also check that you are using an up-to-date version of the Survey Solutions software.

If anyone else is experiencing the same issue and can provide the steps to reproduce the problem, please chime in.

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