Server authorization without internet and access the Questionnaire Designer

Dear colleagues,
I am new to Survey Solutions platform, i just installed this platform with Docker using this tutorial Deployment with Docker.
We used a local server(with Ubuntu 22) in a government infrastructure without access to internet.

How we can authorize this local server to access the Questionnaire Designer?

I read about this authorization in this forum - Unable to import new questionnaire: Could not connect to Designer
We need to whitelist your server to be able to access the Designer. Please fill in the form below and once you do that, send us the IP of your server.

Now all it’s working great, but we can’t create a new user as a Questionnaire Designer…

Hello @alecsamoila , the registration of the local server with us is no longer required (since about Spring 2020), correspondingly some processes have been streamlined.

In practice this means that when you install Survey Solutions you can proceed to import the questionnaire from the Designer right away.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy

Hello sir,

I moved the server to be able to access the internet through a proxy server.

I understood that there is no other solution

“Currently, Designer application is available at, this address is accessed every time an HQ-user is trying to import a questionnaire to the server.
Please make sure that this URL is reachable from the server that is hosting the Headquarters app”

Although the server is accessible from the Internet, it cannot access, being behind a proxy server

I specify that I have no errors in Diagnostics
Health status: Healthy
BaseUrl configuration check
Headquarters configured with Headquarters:BaseUrl: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the same as the current Url in the browser address bar.

Export Service check
Export service at responded with version: v22.12.2.33795

Export Service connectivity check
Export service at responded with status OK

Database connection check
Successful connection to Database

Embedded Export Service Host
Export Service is running

How can I add the proxy settings in an Ubuntu Server 22 with Survey version 22.12.2 (build 33795) the solution can be based on Docker or Kubernetes?

Best regards