Server 'Application Error'

We have experienced an issue accessing our project’s Survey Solutions data server. Instead of the Headquarters login page, a screen with the message ‘Application Error’ appears (see attachment).

All services of the server appear to be active and restarting the server did not solve the problem.

We would like to know whether there is any software problem which may be causing the error, and the timescale for it to be resolved.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

You may try to repair installation.

The quality of the image doesn’t allow to make any assumptions.

Attached is a clearer picture.

The server has been up and running for months, and working well until yesterday.

If there is any piece of information which could help in identifying the issue, please let us know.


It looks like there is an issue with your container.

Hello Vitalii,

We have installed a completely new machine from scratch following step by step the instructions for an Azure installation: Azure setup

We get exactly the same error.

Same as last time there is no issue reported in the logs.

Are the instructions up to date? How can we go about identifying the actual problem?