Serialising household number in Listing survey

Dear All,
How can i reserialise the household number in a listing survey. help me with the syntax and an example.

what does ‘reserialize’ mean?

Sorry Sergiy. I want a code or syntax that can auto serialises the household numbers in a listing survey.

Assign household numbers after the data is exported.

generate hhid=_n
COMPUTE id=$casenum.

You would need to do this only once, in the file corresponding to the household level.

Is this for the Road User Satisfaction Survey in Uganda?

Thanks Sergiy, but i wanted a syntax to use in the survey solution application to control the validation for the household number.
For now its entered manually but need a code to validate it.

Sure. Please describe how does this validation rule work.

For example, the user enters 17. Is this household number

  • valid (explain how do you reason) or
  • not valid (likewise, explain how do you reason)?

Its like I do have a roster for structures and taking an example that on the structure i have 6 units which 4 of them are residentials. Unit1 is residential, unit2 is not , unit3 is, unit4 isn’t, unit5 is and unit6 is.
And for all units i have a variable for household number. uint1==1, unit3==2, unit5==3, unit6==4 like that.

Having a roster is essential and something that you haven’t mentioned before.

Suppose the interviewer enters the hh numbers as you describe. Then the supervisor determines that unit2 is still residential. The interviewer changes the type from non-residential to residential. This needs a household number. So he takes #2, which was previously used for the unit 3. As a result your interviewer will need to renumber all the remaining units.

Similarly, the opposite change from residential to non-residential.

Suppose now, the supervisor has also left a comment, that he wants the interviewer to double-check the number of children in household 77. After a few of these snowballing renumberings, how would the interviewer determine what 77 means? (which specific household).