Serial numbering on preloading households when the source question is a text and you list using numbers

I have designed a questionnaire which has 2 roosters. on the higher hierarchy, I have the structure number at the highest level then household at the lower level.(a rooster within a rooster.
My values are preloading without any problem, but since in the rooster I specified a list as the source question the values after preloading are not organised in ascending order as I would wish to see.
Is there a way I can do this? Thank you in advance.
We are planning to update clusters for a survey and a structure can have more than 200 dwelling units therefore 200 dwelling units can be nested within a structure, and the 200 structures can be nested in 1 cluster.
Thank you in advance

Survey Solutions preserves the order of items in the preloaded lists/rosters. Hence, if the items appear to be out-of-order or not in desirable order, that has to be changed in the dataset used for preloading, use sort.

The only (afaik) exception is the order of assignments, e.g. if you were creating assignments in the file in the following order: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, then, for example, SOUTH may still get a smaller assignment number than NORTH. That is usually inconsequential, since assignments are independent from one another.

This happens because Survey Solutions will utilize multiple processors on powerful servers and preloading happens concurrently with multiple threads. Thus one should not treat an assignment number as the sample number.

Dear Sergiy,
This reply is perfect. Exactly what we needed.