Sequencing a multiple select in Combo format to trigger a rooster

I need to have a rooster triggered by either a numeric or a multi select question, but then follow a sequence from 1,2,3,…
I have this output, where I need to select the 8 structures, but they should be sequential from 1 to 8.

I have created a Questionnaire looking like this

But am having challenges on how to list the structure number in acsending order sequentially.

Any public questionnaire available on this please, or any help we can receive?

You could create a list question (list_q) as a source of your roster and ask them to list sequential numbers.

To validate that those are indeed sequential you could create a macro named $validate_seq with expression

var numbers_entered= list_q.Select(x=>Int32.Parse(System.Text.RegularExpressions.
Regex.Match(x.Item2, @"^\d+").Value)).Distinct().ToArray() ;

Array.Sort(numbers_entered) ; /*Include this line if you only care if all numbers entered are sequential*/

 for (int i = 1; i < numbers_entered.Length; i++)
       if (Convert.ToInt32(numbers_entered[i]) != 
       Convert.ToInt32(numbers_entered[i - 1]) + 1)
            return false;
    return true; 

At the list question itself, add a validation condition with expression

(new Func<bool>( () => {$validate_seq;})).Invoke()     

It doesn’t work for negative values. But before validating this, you should probably validate that they only enter digits etc.

Still, I think you make your life more complicated than it needs to be, see here.