Sequence of Options in the Categories change by system

Dear sir/madam,
When I imported the category “yesno” with 1=Yes and 0=No but the sequence of options are changed by system and it displays options by ascending order of values of options in Interviewer app like No before Yes. Is it designed this way or something wrong with system as it changes sequence automatically.

Thank you

Dear @dzangpo,

Could you please clarify your issue?
When you are saying “When I imported the category” does it mean that you are preloading data to the HQ to create assignments?
Or you have an issue on Designer and when you are uploading categories they are displayed in the wrong way?

Dear @vitalii and @dzangpo,

In the Interviewer and Supervisor applications, there is a defect that causes the available options to be displayed in ascending order for categorical questions if reusable categories are selected. New task has been raised on github to fix the issue. Thank you.

Thank you so much for help and hope it resolves soon.

Dear @vitalii,
it was like what @vfedoseev has explained below, please.