Separate servers for app and data and VAPT cert

I have a query from a client who is looking to setup their own servers for a project which has been managed by ADB up until now. There’s a couple of queries they had below which I don’t know the answer to and hoping you can help me out?

  1. As per their IT policy the application and it’s database are to be deployed on separate virtual machines. Is this possible?
  2. They have also a mandatory requirement that applications have a valid VAPT certificate. Does the headquarters app have this certification?

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I defer to the dev team on your point 2.

For point 1, the answer should be yes. In the AWS deployment instructions, Headquarters is deployed on two virtual machines: the site is deployed on a compute instance (EC2); the database is deployed on a separate database instance (RDS).

For any vulnerabilities in the Survey Solutions software, please consult the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Once the software is deployed the whole system should ideally undergo the VAPT certification before confidential data is fed into it.

Thanks for confirming Arthur. I believe the client is procuring two virtual machines of the required specs. I’m not sure if they will be through AWS - could you let us know some instruction about how to setup on how to setup on two machines using the standard server setup - Server Installation


Here are deployment instructions for a few of the major cloud providers:

Also, here are instructions for Docker containers for providers that provide container services on Linux servers.

For AWS, I know that the deployment involves two virtual machines: one for compute and one for the database. For Azure and Docker, my rapid, non-expert reading of docs is that that is also true.

Hi team,

I will soon need to setup a survey solutions instance on two two machines mentioned. I think they will be local machines (not AWS or anything) so I will just be granted remote access to windows interface on each machine. I’ve been reading the documentation and think I have reached a basic understanding of how to have app on one machine and DB on the other. Below I think is the basic steps, apologies I’m not a server expert so feeling my way through this one. If someone could let me know if I am on the right track? that would be great.

  1. Install PostgreSQL on the database machine
  2. Install SuSo app on the app machine, running it through command line specify the Connserver, etc from here Installer Command Line Parameters to specify the IP address of the server machine and the port specified in PostgreSQL installer.