Selecting 2 strategies from responses of a number of questions

Dear SS Support and users,

I need help in one of my questionnaires I am designing.
I have 7 single-select questions (Yes/No categories) asking about strategies taken by a household to address the Shocks they experience.

After the 7th question, if there are more than two ‘Yes’ responses from the 7 questions, I would like to ask the respondent of which two of the strategies they said ‘Yes’ to they adopted.

Is there a way to capture all the ‘Yes’ from the 7 questions in a list and for the interviewer to select which two they adopted.

Appreciate any suggestion or help.

Many thank in advance.

I don’t understand

Yes, Yes, No, No , Yes, Yes, Yes
Now select no more than 2 Yes???

That is almost certainly not what you want.

Not sure if there is a subtle difference between the “strategy taken” and “strategy adopted”.

I can imagine the following description: ask the respondent of all the strategies that the household has undertaken from the suggested list. If the number of strategies undertaken is more than 2 ask about which 2 were the most effective. (recommended, available, etc or otherwise significant in some sense). This is easiest to ask in a form of a ranked question (Select the strategies your HH has undertaken in order of efficiency from 1 being most efficient,…).

If you have a draft/scan of the questionnaire page, perhaps just show the relevant portions.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,
Apologies for not being clear.
I managed to design it using another multiselect Y/N question to list all the strategies and filter all the Yes for ranking. I guess i was just a bit complicated and this was an easy solution as you have also suggested.

Appreciate your help,

Warm Wishes