Selected additional items from a roster (random selection)

Please excuse my ignorance on this one. I have a number of values captured in a roster, including age. I am trying to extract the age of my selected respondent. I am able to get their name, but am at a loss as to how to get the age associated with that row, as I need to use the age of the selected respondent later.,

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


It is hard to give you an answer without seeing the structure of your questionnaire and question types you are using. You can create and share the questionnaire, or attach a screenshot, or outline the structure using markup here.

But if for the “selected respondent” you are using single select linked question, when you can access the code of this person like this: q1[0] or q1.Last(), where q1 is a variable name for the question.
Assuming you have a roster members typically triggered by a list question with names, you can access whole roster row with index operator like this: members[1]. That will return you an object with all answers for a member with code 1. To get age simply write members[1].age.
To get access to the age of the selected respondent you can combine both expressions like this: members[q1.Last()].age or members[q1[0]].age

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David doesn’t show the questionnaire he works with, but he probably refers to the public example on selecting a respondent randomly “Public example Random demo” .

While the purpose of that example was to select a person randomly and display the name of the selected person for the remainder of the interview, in the course of doing so we select the code of that person.

Refer to calculated variable randomRowcode.

David can now obtain the other characteristics of the selected person by applying indexing to the roster of the members

MEMBERS[(int)randomRowcode].age ---- will be the age of the randomly selected person.

I have changed the public example to indicate the age of the person after selection, and this age stored in a variable can be further used in skips and validation conditions.

Best, Sergiy

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Perfect modification of the example code… nice and clear. Thank you Sergiy.