Select all crops selected at least once in a plot-crop roster

Hi all,
I have a plot-crop roster (2 levels) and in a subsequent section a crop roster (1 level). The source question of the crop roster is a multi select question where enumerators are supposed to select all crops mentionned at least once in the plot-crop roster. Up to now we did not manage to code the “hard-check” that automatically would select the crops selected in the plot crop roster. This is not very efficient.

Using " plot_roster.All(x=>x.croplist.Contains(@optioncode)" in the filter of my crop list for the crop roster, with croplist being the source question of the crop roster inside the plot roster, does not work if I have more than 1 plot.

Can you please help me here coding a filter to select all crops selected in the plot-crop roster?


Hello Claire,

please see the example in PUBLIC EXAMPLE Crop Harvest.

Best, Sergiy