Select a particular version for the data export

Survey Solutions user Yijia Li has sent us the following question:

Hi, we have completed the interviews but when we export the data we cannot see the earlier versions. Specifically, we do have 21 versions of the questionnaires, but we can only select up to version 10 , and version 1-9 are not on the drop down list. Is it because there is a limit to the versions? Could you give us a clue to find the data of earlier versions? Thank you!

First, there is no limit on version numbers for the purposes of export. If the version is imported to the server and data is collected, it is exportable.

Second, as in many cases in Survey Solutions, when the dropdown selector contains many options, not all options are shown. This is normal. Precisely because the number of versions (or interviewers, or surveys, or …) may be large.

Third, to make a selection of a version, which is not shown in the dropdown list, you must type the version number in the search box (do not type the word “ver” or “ver.” or its equivalent if you are using a non-English version, just type the number).

Fourth, presence of many versions in an actual survey is an indicator of poor quality of the questionnaire. One revision is almost inevitable, two are justifiable, more than 2 are already a indicative of troubles. Use the questionnaire tester before the survey to make sure the questionnaire is free of design defects.

Problem solved. Thank you, Sergiy!