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Hi There,

If not sure if there is a problem with the search functionality on Interviews but could you perhaps help me out.

When I do a specific search (using the search text box in the upper right hand corner in the Headquarters software) on my Assignments, then the Headquarters software will correctly display the assignment(s) that is relevant to my search.

For instance, if I have a preloaded Assignment with the following identifying value “Household Questionnaire - ID 75420”, and I type in the search text box “75420”, then the Headquarters software will correctly display all the assignment(s) relevant to what I’m searching for.

However, when I do a search on my Interviews, it does not work the same as for the Assignments.

If I have an Interview with the same Identifying value “Household Questionnaire - ID 75420” and I type in “75420” in the Search text box, then it does not display the Interview that I’m searching for, But if I type in the entire Identifying value “Household Questionnaire - ID 75420” in the search text box, then it is found. Also I’ve noticed that if I type in the beginning of the Identifying value “Household” then all the relevant Interviews beginning with “Household” will be correctly displayed.

I appreciate your feedback on this.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene Ehlers,

we couldn’t replicate the problem you are describing. A value loaded into an identifying field, such as 75420 can be found both in the Assignments and in the Interviews list. If there is any misunderstanding and you are still experiencing the issue, please replicate at the “demo server”: and send us the steps to reproduce.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin


If I am not mistaken, you are using a local server in AHRI. I would advise you to upgrade your server to the latest version 5.26. It might be that the issues you are experiencing are related to the previous versions of Survey Solutions.


Dear Eugene,

Search on Interviews page (in the right upper corner) is performed only by interview key and by identifying questions.
If you need to search by assignment - we have a filter by assignment = you put ‘‘7233’’ there.
It was implemented like this by our developers.

Best regards,

Komarovskaya Aleksandra

Survey Solutions Team Support

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Good day Sergiy & Michael,

Sergiy, I’ve tested the search functionality on your demo server as well and I have the same problem. However, I’ve noticed that in some cases it works and in other cases it does not work. For explanation purpose I did a search on the Assignment ID in both the Assignments and the Interviews to correctly replicate what I meant. What I did was to log in on the demo server and navigate to Assignments. I then did a search for “7233” and the Assignment that is relevant to “7233” was filtered.

I then navigate to the Interviews and tried to find this same Assignment ID 7233 by searching for “7233” on the Interviews and it did not display this Interview with assignment ID 7233. However if I search for “2” on the Interviews then the Interview with Assignment ID 7233 is listed among others but if I search for “7” then the Interview with Assignment ID 7233 is not listed either.

Michael, Yes we are running a local server at AHRI and that was my initial thought as well that there may have been a bug on the version 5.25 so we Updated our development server to version 5.26 to check if this resolves our issue and to do additional tests before we update our production server, but the update to version 5.26 did not resolve our searching issue.

Also when we do a search on Assignments you can actually see that what ever you type in the search text box gets highlighted in yellow on my Assignments as it filters my search before I hit the Return key, but if I type something in the search text box on my Interviews then nothing is highlighted or filtered as I type.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Aleksandra,

As I stated in my last communication “For explanation purpose” I used the Assignment ID, but if you say that the search functionality only work on Interviewer Key and Identifying Questions then I’ll use the following Interviewer key “85-86-03-43” on the Demo server. This Interview has the following Identifying information “What is your name?:George the 3rd”. If I search for “3rd” I’m expecting to find this Interview, but it is not displayed.

Kind Regadrs
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

If you put the whole phrase, eg. George the 3rd - you will see it.



This is Eugene’s point. Why search is not working for the part of the phrase. Please ask developers to look at it.