Searching Assignments using specific identifying questions?

We have identifying questions - Village, Name. If we want to search for assignments for a specific village, we will also get assignments if the Name contains the village name. If we search for “Anji”, a village, we will also get the assignments with the name “Ranjit”.

Is there any way to search for a specific identifying question using the (/api/v1/assignments) API?

/api/v1/assignments has a custom search parameter, but it works exactly as the ‘Search’ field in the interface and will seek the text across all identifying fields and anywhere in that text (whether in the beginning or the middle of the word).

@sergiy Thank you. We were able to work around this limitation by downloading all assignments by searching (/api/v1/assignments) and then filtering them by specific identifying question fetched from assignment details (/api/v1/assignments/{id}).