Screening questions

Can my questionnaire have more than one screening questions? I have three screening questions and when I try to enable other sections according to the response given in the screening questions it does not respond as i wanted. What could be the solutions for this?

Thank you

Dear Mr. Karma Chophel,

a questionnaire may have any number of screening questions. In fact screening questions are not different from any other questions, and you can refer to them from different parts of the questionnaire as needed for that section.

Please check your condition. Commonly there is a confusion among the beginners about which operators to use to combine simple conditions to more complex ones. For example:

Adult women (only women of age 18+):
(age>=18) && (sex==2)

Adults (males and females of age 18+) or women (of any age):
(age>=18) || (sex==2)

Best, Sergiy Radyakin