Scope of Survey Solutions software

Hi Survey Solution Team,
This is Abhishek Kumar. I have a few queries regarding the use of Survey Solutions.

  1. Is it possible to design picture based (logo based) questions in Designer software?
    Purpose: If a poll scientist wants to know the voting intention of 10 respondents who do not know the political party name but recognize the preferred political party symbol.

  2. Is it possible for an investigator to go back and see respondents answer of last surveyed household after submitting the survey? (A weird scenario: current household insist or force the interviewer to show his/her neighbor responses).

  3. I am a demo server user, can I login in interviewer application someway?

  4. Is it possible for headquarter to rig collected information on their server?

Many thanks.

  1. You can include images into the Static Text questions via attachments and use these images to identify your candidates.
  2. No, you cannot access the information from other interviews on the tablets. You will not be able to show the answers of the neighbors to your respondent.
  3. Download the interviewer app from the demo server (there is a link there) and use it to practice with Survey Solutions.


I don’t want to do. Asking for knowledge.
The Survey Solutions team can skip this answer.