Saving Tests and Comments in Designer Test Mode

I’m working with a designer to test a questionnaire (in designer mode, using the “test” function). It does not appear that my comments or test survey are saving - how can I save as I go, particularly if I cannot finish the review and do a whole test at once? Thanks!

Comments left in the Tester go nowhere. They are not saved.


  1. Create a server.
  2. Import the questionnaire to that server.
  3. Create an interviewer account for yourself.
  4. Make an assignment.
  5. Receive it on the tablet.
  6. Go over the interview.

Thank you! I guess I am confused as to why the comment function exists if it serves no purpose. In interview mode (I already have an account for this), is there a comment function? The goal is for me to review the CAPI questionnaire and leave comments to be addressed by our coder.

The functionality is there because it is inherited from the Interviewer App.
To leave the comments for the questionnaire author, use the comments feature in the Designer online.