Same questions, same programming syntax with a different way of seeing (Designer/Web-- Tester/ Interviewer)

We are experiencing some differences between same question types in the questionnaire tested in Designer (*1) and the same questionnaire imported and assigned to Interviewers (*2). Same programming, same questionnaire with different views. These are roster questions and the programming syntax has not changed.


From the data downloaded we can not access to the PDF, so we can not compare the Designer version with the download. (*3)

What could be the explanation ?

We are working with Version 21.09 in own Server

What versions of application do you have in both cases?
If you have not the latest one and has no objection to update to the latest one - please update and try it again.

Try to rename file from *.pdf to *.html.

The same code can yield different results if there are different inputs, or if there is some randomness involved.

Try to reproduce the issue on the demo server and if you manage to do this, please share the exact steps.

We are working with Version SS 21.09 in a own server.
As the idea is go to field in the next month, first we allways test on the Designer Web Test and Tester app and everythig was ok (picture *1), so the next step was import the questionnaire to our own test server and make some assignments to the interviewers.
When the assignments were opened on the Interviewer app the same roster questions appeared as in picture *2 . So there is a difference between the same question on Designer Test and Interviewer app with a same questionnaire when it is imported to our server.
Then we downloaded the data collected to check on the PDF (picture *3) downloaded and try to compare the syntax even though we know there was no change on it.

When you say reproduce the issue on the " demo server " is It the same that we has already done on our “Test Server”?

Hello @aortiz_dd , you wrote that the issue occurs in the version of Survey Solutions 21.09 on your server.

If the issue also occurs on the demo server then

  • it is not due to the differences in the version;
  • it is not due to peculiarities of the setup of your server.

so we can eliminate a lot of suspects. On the other hand, if it doesn’t occur on the demo server, then we have a good pointer that it is one of the two things above.

Could it be a problem between Designer and version 21.09?
Because on Designer Test looks as syntax said (picture1) but after on Interviewer app it looks different (picture2)

The web tester knows nothing about you having a server which is version 21.09.

The tester preview will always correspond to how the current version of the software will render it. (otherwise how would it know?)

It seems to me that this is just the bug in old version that has been fixed, but you somehow are trying to restore it back.

From the two screenshots, which one represents the correct behavior? It seems to me that it is the web-tester, which corresponds to the current version of the Survey Solutions (shows the checked items on the green buttons, not something else, as on the other screenshot). Correspondingly, then update your server.

Your old version contains issue Nested roster instance uses parent roster title as a title instead of own one · Issue #1485 · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub that has been fixed already.

Segiy and Vitalii thank you very much for your support. The update was the solution.

Great! Thank you for confirming!