Same GPS points captured in a number of interviews

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We are currently carrying out a Listing Survey -, version 20.03 and we have a few awkward instances where a number of interviews have the same GPS points recorded. I am not sure if this is a bug or tablet problem. I have also read the update on version 20.04 where HQ can specify GPS points on the map but this is not the case as we are still using version 20.03.

Further checks shows that the paradata has recorded the correct GPS points. I would be grateful for your necessary advice on this.

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Apologies … please ignore the comment on the paradata where it is recording the correct GPS points - it actually records the same GPS points.


GPS measurements are subject to all sorts of noises and jitters, which make the measurements wobble even for the stationary receiver. So no 2 measurements will result in exactly the same coordinates. And so @togar has all the reasons to worry if he observes that in the data.

What Survey Solutions records is technically “location”. Location in practice is determined by asking Android OS “where am I now?”. Depending on the settings it may decide to ask the GPS sensor and return the coordinates to the Survey Solutions, or it may return something else.

Check the settings of the tablet, which resulted in duplicate coordinates. The observed behavior is consistent with tablet not being equipped with GPS or not making use of the onboard GPS.

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Thanks you so much Sergiy, much appreciated. I will share the information with the relevant teams in the field. Thanks again and stay safe.

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