Rows activation of a fixed set of items roster

Hi all,

I need your assistance for an enabling condition in a fixed set of roster.

I have a fixed set of items roster with the follow items: First harvest, Second harvest, Third harvest, Fourth harvest.

The activation of each row of this roster (excepted the row1) depend on the lower row and a question Q5 (Have you completed the harvest? with options Yes and No) which are in the roster.

I want to do this:

  1. Activate the row 2 for item Second harvest if Q5 is Yes for the item First harvest
  2. Activate the row 3 for item Third harvest if Q5 is Yes for the item Second harvest
  3. Activate the row 4 for item Fourth harvest if Q5 is Yes for the item Third harvest

Please, do you know how to do this?

Hello Somson4,

this statement is very important:

it underlines that your rows are interdependent creating (from the Survey Solutions point of view) circular references. This has been specifically prohibited since ~April 2018 release.

Whether a row of a roster is enabled or disabled should not depend on the content of that roster. (it may depend on the content of the other roster though).

Hence you need to review the order of the questions. Without the particular questionnaire it is hard to recommend based on only just the information you provided, but perhaps it can be implemented in the sequence:

  1. what did you plant? (list)
  2. what have you harvested already? (linked multiselect)
  3. detailed information about each harvested crop OR about 1 randomly selected crop. (roster)

Best, Sergiy

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Well noted with thanks Sergiy. I will try another way.
Thanks again