%rostertitle% in nested roster not appearing once deployed to server

Dear Sursol developers, I’d like to report a bug, that is appearing within nested rosters once we deploy our survey to the server. It appears both looking at the form in the Survey Solutions Web Dashboard, and on the Tablet.

The %rostertitle% within nested rosters of our survey is not appearing. We have included an enumerator instruction that explains which item is referred to, but it is not appearing in the header or section button. It might be easiest to show in the picture what I refer to:

This is how it should look like (and looks when testing in the designer)

And this is how it looks like once deployed to the server:

This is a nested roster, where the first level is STUDENTS TRANSFERRED IN
and the second level within the roster is the Academic Year.

Thanks for your help or guidance!

Dear @laura_peters,

What version of Survey Solutions?
If you have not the latest version could you please update application to the latest version and try again?

Dear @vitalii,

Thanks! We’re using version 21.03.6 (which I see is outdated).

OK I’m hesitant to update right now as I remember it led to a bit of issues last time while in field, but once fieldwork is complete (in a few weeks) I’ll update and give it a test.

Thank you very much.

You can test with a PDS, which always runs the current version of Survey Solutions.

There were several recent changes related to roster titles, which came to light in v22.02 and may be a factor here, for example:

If reporting a bug, please mention exactly the version of the software and the source where you’ve obtained the product. There could be third party customizations, which can behave differently.

Best, Sergiy

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Thanks Sergiy,

We were using Version 21.03.6 (which I see is outdated).

While testing with the PDS I see that the bug is no longer there, I believe it is exactly the bug referred to in the issue: [Nested roster instance uses parent roster title as a title instead of own one]

Then I hope that with an update to the latest version we may solve this. Much thanks.