Roster to show options that selected "No" in a yes/no mode multi question

Since roster only show options that said “Yes” in yes/no mode, is there any way that we can show options selected “No”?

Hello @mike_busybee ,

when the roster is triggered by a multiselect question, only the items with positive selection are generating the rows in the roster:

  • for a checkbox multiselect - only for checked items;
  • for a y/n multiselect - only for items marked YES;
  • for a combobox - only for items that have been added to selection.

But the way out is to use a fixed roster, and impose a condition on the row code that would convey your criteria of inclusion into the roster, which could be “select all marked negatively in some multiselect question only”, or “select all where the selection in multiselect question is neither positive, nor negative”, or anything else.

Best, Sergiy

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