Roster text/font attributes (text size and color)

Good day to all,

I tried putting html tags on the roster but it seems like it is not accepting it. Reason for this is upon checking the questionnaire on the tablet, the roster header is small and not that visible as shown the attached picture.

Question is, is there a way to make that part highlighted by maybe increasing the font size, making it bold and changing its color?

Thank you very much.

Adjusting the font on the tablet will make all the fonts used in the Interviewer App smaller or larger:

(this is a rather extreme zoom level).

And, yes, you are correct that the HTML tags are sanitized from the roster titles by the Designer.

Is your screenshot actual or a photoshopped collage? I do not recognize the style. If you are using an older version, please update.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Will try adjust font on the tablet.

Yes that is actual screenshot, i just added comments to emphasize my question. We are doing this in questionnaire designer ( so I believe it should be the latest, for the interviewer app, it is also the latest v23.06

Thanks for the prompt reply.


Here is the view after adjusting the tablet font to maximum using Settings>Accessibility>Display size and text > Font size

All font sizes increased proportionately. Since roster font size is the smallest (compared to questions and choices), it is still small after the adjustment. But this time it is more visible. I just want it bigger than the question or the answers :blush:

here is the side by side view of normal font setting vs max font size

This is what I am getting when using Designer on a mobile device to test a questionnaire (using the TEST button - launches the WebTester):

What needs to be done to reproduce the issue?

Thanks Sergiy for the update.

Will check with our developer if they changed some font settings on the backend before building the apk.