Roster questions with prefilled information in the question text

Hi everybody.
I am working on the coding of a survey and have been experiencing an issue: I am asking a series of questions to my respondent, A, about her/his experience with B/C/D/E. The questions are the same, so I thought of using a roster. Yet, at the same time, given the fact that the roster is quite long, I want to sort of ‘remind’ the respondent who are the questions referring to (whether to B/C/D). At first I thought about using prefilled variables (coded in the Cover) %name_A%, but that would give me the name of A for every roster (even when the questions are asked about his experience with B, for instance).
The best thing would definitely be to have a list question in the Cover that could be prefilled with the names of B/C/D and then use it as a source question for the roster, yet it does not seem possible to have a list question in the cover.
I then thought of putting the list question in the first survey section and ask the enumerators to fill the names themselves, but I would like to understand if there was any way to avoid this, since I want to keep the process as automatic as possible.

You don’t have to have your list question in the cover section in order to prefill it.
You can prefill any question variable anywhere.
If you don’t want to show the question, declare its scope as Hidden.

Hi Klaus, thank you for the information, I was not aware of the possibility. Still, would you know of any way to be able to refer to the particular name in the text of a roster question and making sure that it display the name of B when the roster refers to B, C when it refers to C, etc.?
Thank you once again for the help.

Try using %rostertitle% substitution for list roster

You are probably looking for a hidden list question, which can be prefilled, and can’t be subsequently distorted by the interviewer, and can be used as a trigger.

Thank you Andrew! This, combined with Klaus’ answer, completely solves my issue!

Hi @klaus i am trying to prefill a list question (household roster from previous collection rounds) that is not in the cover section and unlike the questions on the cover page i can’t find a way to prefill. please assist

You prefill it exactly the same way as if it would be in the cover section (i.e. declared as Identifying).
The only difference is you cannot do it interactively from the Headquarters GUI, but only by uploading a file.
But probably you wouldn’t want to key in the household member list for the whole sample from the keyboard anyway.

Thanks, on my designer i currently cannot see “identifying” as a question type i can only see “hidden”, “supervisor” and “interviewer” is the any setting that i am missing maybe?

You are right, a List question cannot have a scope of Identifiying. You can only prefill it by uploading a file.
What I said holds for normal questions. So to preload a List you prepare a tab separated file and identify the list positions like this:

alist__0 alist__1
Adam Eve

where alist is the List question. Note: there are 2 underscores in the variable names.
In the interview it then looks like this:

If you also want to preload values for some associated roster questions you have to prepare a separate file for the member roster referencing the respective interviews in the top level file, zip them and upload the zipfile with the “UPLOAD .ZIP FILE” button.

@klaus thanks a lot let me try this out

that is not type.
that is scope.

To see which question types may be used in which scopes refer to

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Hi @klaus

I have managed to implement your suggestions and i have created an excel file with dummy data (attached an image) but i can’t use the categories because it’s complaining that “[WB0073]:Categories values must be unique.”. Any idea what i may have done incorrectly?


@klaus i have just figured this one out, i had repeated “id” for different individuals

In my questionnaire, I have a few questions that are hidden in a ROSTER in order to preload data that will serve as a control. These questions are: preload_pid, preload_sex, preload_relation, preload_age

After preparing the load file, I realize that the data is not preloaded for the hidden questions in the HeadQuater.