Roster of more than 200 items

Hi team!
I’m designing a questionnaire of which one of the sections is about
BANANA HARVEST DETAILS. Normally Banana harvests can go throughout the year, I want to keep daily record of the harvest like the type of banana harvested, price sold etc. . But when i create a roster to accommodate 366 days of the year i get limited to only 200 items (rows) in a roster. Is there a different way to implement this?

Hey Eliah,

SurSol capabilities aside: Do you want to ask the respondent about the DAILY harvest in the last 12 months during one single interview (That is, an enumerator visits the household once and asks about the last year)? This appears to me as not feasible at all as your measurement/recall error is just way too high.
Daily harvest is always a headache, but why don’t you disaggregate the questions BY MONTH? Or BY SEASON? Therefore, asking something like “During January 2018, on average, how many %units% of Bananas did you harvest on a daily basis”?

This allows you to ask less questions, get a (more or less) reliable estimate from which you can compute the annual harvest. This of course becomes even more reliable if you know how many Banana Trees the household owns or the area of planting which you can use for validation conditions.


P.s. If you really would need a very long fixed set items roster for which you maybe only enable a sub-set of roster items: Split the Items into two or three rosters…

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Thank you peter,
I think it’s better to do it in a weekly or monthly basis, rather than daily