Roster numeric listing

trying to creat 2 roster from a numeric question, but i want the roster items to show previous number and this continue from first roster to the next
i used
" " :
to do it in current roster but based on limitations of 60 i want to continue this to the following roster.

Could you show what you’re trying to achieve? I’m not sure i’m fully understanding the verbal description

Here’s my understanding:

  • Single numeric question drives two rosters
  • Roster 1 contains rows 1 to 60
  • Roster 2 contains rows 61+
  • Want a row ID in each roster to reflect this numbering

If that’s the case, why simply renumber the row numbers of Roster 2 after data collection so that Roster 1 and 2 can be appended together and have sequential row numbers?

Sorry–I may have missed the intent behind the question.

Thanks much…much appreciated, having another question after selecting individuals from a roster i want to display the one that is oldest.


Could you please post that question as a separate topic? That way, others who have the same issue, or want to contribute to the discussion, can more easily find it on the forum.

Ok will do just that.