Roster Limit

Dear all,
I am having the following problem:

[WB0261]:Questionnaire contains rosters with total number of roster instances exceeding the system limits.
[WB0262]:Roster has reached size limit. Reduce roster size or decrease nesting.

I have already limited the rosters sizes to maximum 5. Is there a way in which I solve this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help,
best regards,

Paola -IFAD

Dear Paola,

the total number of roster elements created is what matters. Even though you’ve limited the # of plots to 5, the number of parcels is triggered by a numeric question and is pessimistically taken as 200 during the calculations, so 5x200 is 1,000. For each parcel-plot combination you continue expand the questionnaire into seasons and crops. The ultimate structure overshoots the system limit of 80,000.

The program already gave you the advice to reduce the roster size or decrease nesting. You will have to make a compromise at this point deciding what is most important and what you want to retain in the questionnaire.

Changing numeric trigger question to text list type will allow you to enumerate the necessary number of parcels. Since you are asking j1_2 anyway inside the roster, there will be no difference in terms of the number of questions. You can simply calculate j1_1 as the size of the list (calculated variable) or calculate it and ask a confirmation question “So you have # parcels, right?” verifying that the total numbers match.

Another approach is to flatten the structure by asking for plots right away, and then grouping them by parcel. Since your plots have names, that should be feasible as well.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin