Roster inside a Roster

Hi All,

I have 2 questions regarding rosters
1: Am routing a roster from a multiple response question how can I pipe the answer from other specify into the roster ie
Which colour do you know
1 Red
2 Blue
3 White
4 other specify

I select blue and under other specify I have pink
In the roster questions
How can I pipe in the pink as am using a multi select question roster thus %colourques%

  1. I have a roster within a roster question
    How can I pipe in the multi response question answer into the second roster eg

Q1:which animals do you have on your farm
1 Cows
2 Goats
3 Sheep
4 Other Specify
Under other specify…Horses

I have cows,goats,horses
Q2:Multiple select roster
Which feeds do you give to %rostertitle%
Store bought
Import feeds
Grow my own

I select store bought and import feeds for cows

Q2a:multselect roster inside Q2
Why do you buy %rostertitle% for responses selected in Q1…cows then goats then horses.

Thus to read

To read:Why do you buy store bought for cows

To read:Why do you buy import feeds for cows

I select import feeds for goats

To read:Why do you buy import feeds for goats

I select store bought for horses

To read:Why do you buy store bought for horses


I was going to suggest creating a variable that captures the rowtitle if the row is option 1-3, and the specified other in a text question if the row is 4–and refering to that variable’s value rather than rowtitle. I couldn’t get this approach work. @sergiy?

In your example, you have an animal roster (animals) and a feed source roster (feedSource). The feed source roster is nested inside of the animal roster. In general, one can refer to the name of the current item in the roster via text substitution that references the roster variable name. In your case, %animals% would refer to the current row of animals and %feedSource% would refer to the current row of feedSource. The %rostertitle% reference is to text substitution what self is to conditions: it only refers to the current context. The way to refer to a specific roster is to reference its name inside of the % operators.

A somewhat kludgy solution is create a string variable whose value is (manually) defined as the label of each choice, and the text of a text question if “other specify” is selected. See below:

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for the below on the %animals% and %feedsource% solution

Tested it and it works.


Correct, this approach would place the title of the row into a variable, which would allow to examine this title in a condition and ultimately the logic of the questionnaire to be dependent on the language.

This is prohibited by design.

As a workaround the displayable name must be either solely defined by %rostertitle% or solely defined by the variable expression, (which may not use rostertitle).

Best regards, Sergiy