Roster from a multi-select question of a filtered list

We have a list of household members preloaded. We are able to create a multi-select question with this list filtered by sex. This displays only female members.

We want to use this as a trigger for a roster. I don’t have that as an option.

Is there a way to do this? - Filtering a list and creating a roster only for the selected individuals?

Assume your MSC Question is called msc_1.
The roster that you want to relate to the filtered, linked question is called roster1: Source it from the initial, preloaded list question.

Add an enabling condition at roster1 with expression:

> msc_1.Any(p=>p[0]==@rowcode)

> msc_1.Any(p=>p.SequenceEqual(new[]{@rowcode}))

Both should give you the same result.


Thank you! This helps.

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