Roster enabling condition

I have a question inside a roster that asks only the person responding to the questions if he/she traveled with other members of the household. If they did travel with other members of the household, I give them a list of members to choose from, whom they traveled with (multi-select question linked to the roster excluding the respondent).

Now I am having a challenge trying to make the next section only applicable to the respondent and those he traveled with. The enabling condition I have so far only caters for the respondent only - (@rowcode == J_RESPONDENT.First())


Hello Rabelani,

and thank you for the question.

I have created a public example “Public Example: Linked roster demo” demonstrating this situation with one deviation - since the members respondent travel with is not a repeated question, I have positioned it outside the members roster.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Good day Sergiy

Thank you for the prompt response. Your example is very useful and helped solved our problem.

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