Revising the questionnaire of ongoing survey

Our user Deeptha Bandara Wijerathna has sent us the following question:

We are currently implementing a survey in Survey Solutions app. While the survey is going on, we made some amendments in the questionnaire; added few new questions and some additional answer options for some other questions.

By the time we made this amendment we had 50 complete questionnaires.

Now we are looking for a way of transferring answers entered in previous version of the completed questionnaire to new version. New version has additional questions and some amendments in few previous questions.

Can you please advise us on this regard? What is the possibility that we transfer answers of old version rather to refill entire questionnaire again.

By modifying the questionnaire in the Designer the user has created a new version of the questionnaire.

Each version is exported from the Survey Solutions separately.

Once you export data from multiple versions, you can combine them into a single dataset (provided that the compatibility has not been violated) using a statistical package of your choice:

  • In Stata the appropriate command is: append.
  • In SPSS the appropriate command is ADD FILES. (see also topics related to ADD CASES).
  • In Excel you can use the insert command.

PS: if you had to modify your questionnaire during the survey, this means your piloting and testing procedures were likely inadequate.