Reviewing Mapping features. Issues importing .tif format maps

Sorry if I am opening a new topic, I tried to continue this conversation but I did not get any answer. Use of maps in local server
Please let me know if you prefer that I continue on that conversation.

At SPC we are reviewing the new map features and testing them on the server to see if we can apply them on the coming data collection activities in 2021.

We have found two issues implementing the mapping questions.

First issue. The server can upload Geo tiff format following your indications above (1 single .tif file in the zip file). The problem is that the offline maps loaded on tif format do not show on the tablet whilst the ones on .tpk format do. Tiff file is easier to handle and is open source so for us is quite important that this format works properly in the SS system.

Second. In the point question, the button says “tap to edit the area” this can confuse the enumerators that would think that they have to draw a polygon instead of plotting single point

From the enumerator perspective, the “manual” dwelling location question is a fundamental monitoring resource to the GPS one. Enumerators can check if they are in the correct EA and if they have entered the right EA code like using a paper map, but at the same time, they can see their current location. Great feature!!



Dear Luis,

could you please retry following these steps:

  1. make sure your interviewer is up to date (current version as on the demo server).
  2. rename the map file to luistest.tif
  3. uploading it to the same server;
  4. assigning to the same interviewer;
  5. synchronizing the maps for that interviewer
  6. try to view the map in a geography question.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact support with the pointer to the map file and steps of how was that map file prepared (which software, input data, and procedures were used to produce it) (or you can also write here).

Also please try other maps (there is a number of maps on the demo server in particular).

Dear Sergiy,
I will follow your indications and let you know about the result.

Thanks indeed


Hello Luis,

so far nothing to thank about, but I hope that the problem is a one-off TIFF file, rather than the whole technology.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,
Mistery solved, the problem was related to the projection I was using. In our case the interviewer app’s map service could not “find” the map when it was projected on WGS84 (EPSG:4326). I reprojected the tif into WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator (EPSG:3857) and the map works perfectly.

I experienced something similar deploying WMS services in ESRI environment, I had to reproject all my rasters to 3857 to make them visible. I imagine that the service map on interviewer app works on a similar way and explains why .tpk images were working and .tif ones (on WGS84 projection) did not.

I am thinking on preparing a tutorial on how to set the mapping features up, covering from the automated map production in QGIS up to the map service configuration in the Survey Solutions server. I hope it could be useful for others. I will send you the draft first in case you want to review it.

Thanks again


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Dear Luis,

knowing these details would definitely be useful. Indeed, Survey Solutions utilizes ESRI components for drawing the map files hence this behavior likely is inherited.

Best, Sergiy

The documentation will be of great importance. I would like to look at it…

Hi the guide to generate offline maps for Survey Solutions with QGIS is available here