Restored and empty datafile both in stata and SS server

Hi there
i need urgent help
Am running a survey which is almost ending but during cleaning i notice i have an empty file in my stata set and also i don’t seem to find this interview in the SS server, kindly look into this for me and if there is no way i can have an interviewer re-interview this hh

You are not clear in explaining your problem. What file in Stata export is empty? Have you tried exporting into tab delimited format? Do you still have a file empty in tab delimited export?

Dear Misha i received this file as complete with data, am using stata for my exports but this particular file is empty and i can’t find it in my survey solution database either

Survey Solutions does not send files, it sends interviews. I am assuming you are referring to receiving an interview.
You say, you received this interview as completed with data. How did you access that interview? From the HQ? if yes, the data were there. Are you saying it was there but now it disappears? When you say you cannot find this interview in the Survey Solutions database, what do you mean? Are you accessing postgress database directly or you mean you are looking for that interview through HQ application?

Dear Sumbatala,

did you manage to resolve your question or do you still require any assistance? What is the name of the empty file? What are the answers to the questions Misha asked you in the last message?

Best, Sergiy