Restore supervisor


During the application process, something was wrong, and one Supervisor was archived. then we were able to restore the supervisor, but we sadly realised that we could not restore her/his team only by restoring the supervisor account. I suggest creating an option to restore a supervisor and his/her team at once, we had to restore the interviewer one by one.

Dear Jaime,

We will discuss your proposal, thank you for this message. As for your case I would suggest you next work around:

  1. Login to the HQ as admin user.
  2. Go to Administration > Users page.
  3. Select your workspace on the left side filter panel.
  4. Select your supervisor for Role filter.
  5. Select Archived users for Archive status filter.
  6. Find your supervisor and UNARCHIVE it.
  7. Clear Role filter.
  8. Select your supervisor for Team filter.

At this point you will get full list of interviewers that are assigned to your supervisor and you will be able to UNARCHIVE 20 of them at once (it is easier than