Restarting web interviews

We have deployed a web interview with 1 unlimited assignment. We have sent out the link to this interview via various channels. We have a few interviews with the Interviewer assigned status. Is there a way to get them to continue filling these interviews? Or do they need to start a new interview.

The documentation has a section on Continuing interviews. We haven’t been able to set up email service yet. Can the resume links be retrieved and sent manually?

From what I understand, the emails of the respondents were not entered during assignment creation, hence the reminders will not work either, even after you solve the issues with the email sending credentials.

Thanks for this update. Will have them fill in a new interview.

Greetings @ashwinikalantri ,

I believe I could add a bit to this conversation. An interviewers are able to proceed their interviews by following steps:

  1. Use the same browser (not incognito mode).
  2. Cookies have not been cleaned.
  3. Open the same link.
    After described steps they have to get:

    if the ‘Limit to one interview per respondent’ checkbox is turned off on the ‘Web interview setup’ page:
  4. Click on RESUME INTERVIEW button and continue early created interview.
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@vfedoseev Thank you. This only work when the interview is recent (cached?). Most of the interviews are a few days old, and don’t get this option to resume.

@ashwinikalantri, the corresponding cookie should live for a year in the browser. I’ll check to see if it works as expected and let you know.

@ashwinikalantri If you need to open an interview with the assigned interview status, you should do this:

  1. Select your interview with the status Interview assigned and select the option “Open task”.

  2. Then click on the hyperlink to open the interview.

Then you will have a new tab in your browser to continue filling out your interview.

This is the weblink to the assignment, not the interview. Out assignment expects Unlimited (-1) interviews, and the link for all these interviews is same. This link will start a new interview unless it finds the cookie.

Hello @ashwinikalantri

I hope you are using CAWI mode.
We can try the following, I am not sure if it will work because I have never tried with an unlimited assignment but we can try.

  1. Open your interview with the status of the assigned interviewer.
  2. Copy the URL text between the last / of Review and the first / of Section.
  3. Form your URL as follows
    For example:
  4. Open the link in your browser.

It does work for unlimited assignments!! Thank you!

This string of text is the interview id, exported as interview__id in the data.

Fantastic, I always like to learn something new about Survey Solutions. Thanks for sharing this important information.

Nice trick @kv700032. Also, I could suggest to use direct link from the Interviews grid. Please take a look at the screenshot below. Just copy link that is placed under the icon and send it to interviewer.

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Great job @vfedoseev :clap:t2: your contribution was really important and an easy way to obtain and access the web interview (CAWI mode), just right click and open the link in a new tab.

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