Responses not revealed in some questions on Supervisor and Headquarter

Hello, I have this case that some answered questions on tablets are seen as unanswered on Supervisor / Headquarter mode after sync.

I noticed it yesterday and rejecting the questionnaire thinking may be they have not asked the questions but now I have come to note it is for all synchronized questionnaires since yesterday and
for the same same questions.

Please advice

To be sure if question was answered or not, can you please try exporting paradata and see if events about answering is present?

Andrew yes the event is present on Paradata. Even in SPSS export file and I can see the responses .

Is it any particular question type affected? It it possible for you to provide a screenshot on how it looks on a screen?

"For my Survey I have seen it affecting 4 questions all are “Single select questions”

The fact that there is no grey border around question options mean that system understands that question is answered. I do recall that there was similar bug some time ago. Are you using the latest version of the Survey Solutions? If not please update.

Thanks for the advice Andrew.

We suspect that this issue was fixed in Survey Solution version 20.10.3
If you experiencing such behavior please update to the latest version.