Respond to the questionnaire online directly?

User Gabriela Smarrelli has sent us the following question:

I would like to implement an online questionnaire in which the interviewee directly responds to the questionnaire. My sample is not large. Would Survey Solutions allow for sharing the questionnaire directly with the interviewee and for each interviewee to have a username and password to respond to the questionnaire online directly?

  1. In essence this is what CAWI is all about. Except that the name is not really adding to security. So it is not used. (you can still ask it somewhere in the interview if you wish, but if you know whom you gave the password, then you know who is responding). Read more here:
    Use scenario 6 with unique passwords for each respondent

  2. You will need to either:
    a. use a bulk email service or
    b. your own service
    to distribute the links and passwords to the respondents.