Requires answer automated

I want Help for below as well:

In Section 1: How many connections of electricity…? (There are many questions, this is one of them.)
In Section 2: Related to above Connection consumer Number…?(No. of rows open should be equal to the response in Section 1.
In section 3: List Roster attached with Connection consumer Number…?
Question 1: Contracted load of each Connection no…
There are many questions, this is one of them related connection.

In Section 4: Question is… Consumer number of the connection with the biggest contracted load
------(automate it from section 3)

What can I apply and how to apply ? (variable names, valdiation condition, conditions, macros and anyone)

Please advice? (for Section 4 Question)


I read this and I don’t understand the question.

How can i explain ?
can i share the questionnaire with you…

sure, see

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can we run the survey through normal android phone with latest android version because we don’t want tablets to do that.

Which is the best phone or tablet for interview app?

Please suggest.

Hello Sharad_s, I see your question was still not answered:

Can you define “best” perhaps?

Cheapest? Fastest? Biggest screen? Something else?

Best, Sergiy