Require printout of filled in questionnaire/how to get the signatures captured through picture quest

I have prepared questionnaire along with GPS as one of the questions and provisioned to capture the signature of respondent using a picture question. I am about to start the survey, however, got a query.

The client wants printout of filled-in questionnaire along with signatures of the respondents. Is it possible to get the printout in pdf format (same as that of the unfilled questionnaire we can get in the designer account)?

If it’s not possible, then is it possible to at least get the signatures as an output in jpg format? I tried to export the data from the demo server after testing questionnaire. The output file shows the “Signature_.jpg” as a text in one of the columns. But the signature files are not exported in the zip file generated after exporting the data.

Please help in this regards.


your client seems to want to go back to paper with this approach.

No, Survey Solutions does not export DATA in PDF or any other document format, but you can build this kind of report yourself as a next step after data is exported from Survey Solutions.

Signatures that are collected are exported as images and a to be downloaded separately (select binary data download). The same applies to any audio recordings.

Best, Sergiy

Modern versions of Survey Solutions allow exporting a PDF transcript of the interview, see release notes for v20.09. It records all the answers provided by the respondent into the interview, including the uploaded images.

Downloading of PDF versions of the interview transcripts is possible via the API. See e.g. here: